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Share the Burden of Your Project If you’re in a role where you’re responsible for a project’s success—such as project manager or team lead—it’s tempting to bear the whole burden alone. Sure, you may share regular progress updates with teammates or hint at possible roadblocks, but you might prefer to keep the telling, nitty-gritty details (especially if they’re not pretty) to yourself. This is incredibly stressful and unnecessary. Try an open-book system: Every week, put key numbers for your project on a whiteboard to discuss at a regular team meeting. This will reveal difficulties lurking in the shadows, especially ones that could be easily addressed if people knew they existed. Consistently sharing results will involve others in solving these critical problems, as well as reduce your own stress.

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Sometimes, you feel that when you read, you can understand and put things into practices. But 
mostly, you feel not at ease to do it without guidance from highly respected practitioners. Here is 
the right time for you to participate with LEDA Center. We are well known in the field, since we
have many highly respected practitioners behind us! They will teach you only things that work. 
We offer the option of having our instructors come directly to your place (minimum 05 students).


Each program we offer is structured for easy learning. You won't have to waste your time figuring
out what information to study because our highly and respected experienced instructors teach you
with strategies that work! We offer the option of having our instructors come directly to your place 
(minimum 10 students).


When I hear, I forget! When I see, I remember! When I do, I understand! We know what is
working in Microfinance Institutions (MFI) and Bank, so we will let you do!

We design a practical program for easy learning. You won't have to waste your valuable time to
look through many big and thick books because our highly and respected experienced instructors
teach you with strategies that work for the areas of your work relating to the industry!

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