School Management System 4.1

School Management System(SMS)

Since 2005, it was built to assist to manage the general English education schools at all levels, from beginning to higher levels without limits. With it, the schools will be more competitive than others in term of cost saving and controls!

SMS will provide the following benefits to you:
    - Conveniently tracking the student payment fees & delivering quick payment
    - Effectively manage all revenue transactions in relations with school fees
       outstanding, student purchased transportation services from school,
       students purchase study tools or materials from school, and other revenues
       streams from the students with school.
    - Effectively manage the movement of students from one classroom to
       another, the transitions of teachers etc.
    - Effectively manage & track the student scoring records, absence, student
       incentives, and recommendations of teachers to students in each session.
    - Having structurally defined for user level & authority, which proven more
       security, and role separations.
    - Varieties of reports based on the user levels, functions, and authority such
       as Information Center, Cashier, Accountant, Teachers, School Master etc.

LEDA Technology has been delivering the School Management System (SMS) to following schools.
    - The Westline School, since 2009 (
    - The Northline School, since 2009 (
    - USA International School, since 2008 (running 7 branches in Battambang)
    - ASEAN International School, since 2008 (running 6 branches in Phnom Penh)
    - The Stamford Academy, since 2011 (running 1 branch in Phnom Penh)
    - The Cambright School, since March 2012 (running 1 branch in Phnom Penh)
    - The Newtown International School, since April 2012 (running 1 branch KSP)
    - The Triumph Bridge School, since 2013
    - Sovanna Phumi School (NTC Group), since 2013

LEDA Technology is always ready to serve you! Please contact below for further information:
    1. Mr. Roth Piseth
    - Mobile: 089 900 609 / 015 444 504
    - E-mail:

    2. Mr. Seang Darapiseth
    - Mobile: 012 83 47 83
    - E-mail:
Exchange Rate For Tax Declaration
Exchange rate for Sep 2018
  Salary Average
USD / KHR 4100
Exchange rate for Aug 2018
  Salary Average
USD / KHR 4070 4072
- Reference Exchange Rate

- Annual Average Exchange Rate

- History Exchange Rate

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